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I ordered some high-waisted pants from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, and they arrived today…they make my hips look all Kim Kardashian-y. 

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Title: Change (Acoustic)
Artist: Banks
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Poor, poor baby,
say you can’t help the fact that you’re so crazy,
and you’re so good at making me feel guilty
for trying to walk away ‘cause I’m tired of being mad

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"I’m a minor, stupid talent compared to my brother (Joaquin.)" -River Phoenix

"I’m proud of my brother. I would never not want to be associated with him." -Joaquin Phoenix

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Title: Spaceship Coupe
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Album: The 20/20 Experience (Deluxe Version)
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Hop into my spaceship coupe,
There’s only room for two, me and you.
And with the top down, we’ll cruise around, land and make love on the moon.
Would you like that?

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